Our Services
Events & Activities

Regular and annual activities and events provides opportunity for people to fellowship with one another, get involved, learn and care for one another. Click to find out more about how you can access these activities and events from your front and individual portal???


Making an enquiry, finding out information and seeking help can be a long process or hard task for members, not knowing where to start and who to go to. PNC enables the individual to submit direct enquiry without having to go through longer channel that could take time before it get to the right person and get the appropriate respond. Click to find out more about how ‘enquiry’ can improve easy access to information and services within the organisation

Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth can be a lonely thing for some people due to personality, health, irregular attendance and busy lifestyle. PNC can create opportunity for anyone in this category who wish to deepening their faith by learning using online programs, interacting and studying with others through online group using video consults, accessing resources and reading blogs and articles. Click to find out how you can access various programs and sources associated with the needs for spiritual growth using online communication.

Practical Services

Immediate Practical Services includes all the many volunteers and paid services recognised by the organisation to offer practical care services. These service providers include volunteers cooking meals, transport, babysitting, gardening, tutoring, home visit, etc. Some services are paid and the individual can access directly some of the services by direct online enquiry and booking etc. PNC is designed to coordinate services, collaborate and build a strong community of care. Click to learn more about the Immediate Practical Services.

Health & Wellbeing

Health and Wellbeing is significant to how we maintain and sustain life that God give us. While our health will never be 100% all the time, never be an assurance that we will live longer life, our commitment to living healthy should always be 100%.

Five reasons why we need to keep our body healthy.

  1. It glorifies God [I Cor.10:31]
  2. You’re taking care of your body –  His temple [I Cor.19-20]
  3. It’s being a good witness [Acts 1:8]
  4. You’ll have more energy – be better equipped for what God has planned for you [Eph.2:10]
  5. Others?

Click to find out more about these services..the various programs and activities, and learn more about ‘my health’ individual portal.


This platform provides all types of counselling, from mentoring and prayer ministry to pastoral counselling, from clinical counselling to professional psychotherapy to other professional consult etc. The individual is able to make direct enquiry online and make booking at the same time. The service provider will be able to communicate directly with the individual without bypassing church administration. Click to find out more about these services...


This platform provides different programs that are designed to give the individual an opportunity to learn and grow in such a way that is more convenient and easy to do. Click to find out more about these services and how it can ....


Community is the heart beat of what it means to be in the body of Christ or being the body of Christ. Click to find out more about the different types of communities, and how PNC can help to create and collaborate communities in order to build community of care.